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And it will be released on Monday, 13th July!

You were a lot to download the App on iPhone and iPad and regarding the reviews and ratings on the App Store, you liked this first version: great thanks!

You also asked for some features in the next updates and we try to take these requests into account to enhance the quality of our App. We hope that the modifications made will go in this direction!

First, some of our users told us about their annoyance regarding the intrusive ads. Of course, we are aware that they can be annoying and we decided to change their occurence. Now, we featured a special page to download free Apps that you can reach if you want to support our projects: on top of the screen, tap the new + button. Actually, this page is totally optional and this way, you can read all the articles of Puissance Nintendo on your mobile devices without any risk of getting any ad to watch!

It seems that the current ergonomics on iPhone is tough, the screen being too small to display a suitable number of news in the main list. To solve this issue, we moved the Highlight bar in the vertical scrolling of this list.

Last, we also wanted to add a new iOS 8 feature which seems useful to our App: in the version 2.0 of Puissance Nintendo, you will be able to add a new widget into the Today panel of your iPhone/iPad: it will display a list of the last articles of the day! To install this widget, after having updated your App, you will have to:

1- Open the notification panel by sliding your finger from the top of your iPhone/iPad screen to the bottom.

2- Select the Today panel

3- Scroll to the bottom and tap 'Modify'

4- Tap the green + button near Puissance Nintendo

Voilà! Here is a sum up (french) :