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Puissance Nintendo
Overview of the App Puissance Nintendo for iPhone and iPad.

Press Kit

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Always stay tuned on the latest video games for Nintendo consoles! All day, the news about the Wii U and the 3DS are updated by a team of passionate editors.

  • A database of more than 1500 tests and previews of video games, updated when new games release.
  • Browse all our PN Cast and PN Show: two unique media (audio and video podcast) that give their own perspective on the news.

Puissance Nintendo is a french model website about the Nintendo universe (www.p-nintendo.com). Thanks to this website that began in 1997, our App was designed to enjoy an optimal experience on iPhone and iPad:

  • Browsing between articles is natural, as if you were reading a magazine.
  • The layout is simple to make reading as enjoyable as possible.
  • When you are offline, you can continue reading the articles you already downloaded.
  • Images and artworks that cover our articles are resizable to be viewed in full screen.
  • When you liked an article, share it with your friends: this feature also enables to read the article directly on the website and to talk about it on the forum.
  • Are you searching for a specific info? Don't worry! The App Puissance Nintendo features a search engine that scans every news of the website.
  • You can enable notification to be warned about the latest big news.
  • Only on iPad: you can switch between two display modes, portrait or landscape, according to your preference.


The application Puissance Nintendo is available on iPad:

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Screnshot iPad 04
Screnshot iPad 05

Also available on iPhone:

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Screnshot iPhone6 02
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You can also watch our App previews for iPhone and iPad: